Engineering Services

Site Plans, Plats and Roadways

• Site Plan Design and Permitting
• Residential and Commercial Subdivisions
• Parking, Roadways, Sidewalks and Bicycle Lanes
• Access Management, FDOT and Local Permitting
• FDOT Certified-Maintenance of Traffic/TTC Plans

Stormwater and Drainage Permitting

• Paving, Grading, and Drainage
• Stormwater Management Modeling
• Local, WMD and FDOT Stormwater Permitting

Potable Water

• Water Distribution Design
• Water Service Systems
• Water Connection Permitting


• Wastewater Collection Design
• Wastewater & Reuse Permitting


Cross Engineering, LLC Certification of Authorization No. 32171 and Cross Surveying, LLC Certificate of Authorization No. LB7977